Sunday, May 8, 2011

Long ago, in the beautiful kingdom of Provo . . .

A while back, Adam got a bee in his bonnet about wanting to start a new blog. He had many reasons, some of which he could never quite put into words. Part of it was that he thought Tumblr was superior to Blogger. But a bigger part of it was that we'd just outgrown our old blog. 16 Bit Love? What does that mean anyway?

It all started when we were newlyweds and had so much free time on our hands, that we'd often sit down w/ Adam's old Super Nintendo and play our favorite SNES game, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. We also played a lot of Mario Kart. And let's not forget Tetris/Dr. Mario. When it came time to start a blog, we agonized over what to call it, how to brand it. Our homage to the pixilated days of yore was what we finally came up with.

But life has barreled on and these days we're lucky if we have two minutes together to eat, let alone play mindless video games. (Though Zelda is definitely a thinking man/woman's game.) Life is a whole new ball game for the Johnson family. And so we require a whole new blog. Or blogs. Adam will now have his own blog (soon to be launched) and you can find me and all the kiddos at

And just for old times' sake, here is the intro to the legendary Legend of Zelda, the stuff of legends. Just the music makes me happy inside. Enjoy.

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Joshua said...

yay for bees and bonnets. See you on the other side then!